F.A.Q. (that's frequently asked questions folks)

1. Where can I buy Tin Can Knits patterns?
You can purchase print copies of our patterns and books at your local yarn store (LYS) - find a full list of our retailers here. Get digital copies of patterns, ebooks, and print books through our website, or via Ravelry.com. You can also find our patterns on Craftsy.com.

2. I think I have found a pattern error, what should I do?
Please check out our errata page first. Next, if possible, check that you have the most current version of the pattern (re-download from your Ravelry library if you aren't sure). If your question still hasn't been answered, send us an email including the name of the pattern, the size you are knitting, and the issue you have encountered.

3. Do you translate your patterns into other languages?
We choose not to have our patterns translated into other languages, because we are not able to ensure the quality of the translation, or answer questions in languages other than English. We appreciate the many offers we have had to translate our patterns, but we ask that translations of our patterns (whether free or paid) not be made available online.

4. How can I carry Tin Can Knits patterns in my LYS?

Our single print patterns and print books are distributed by Deep South Fibres. Click to shop our wholesale line now. If you would like any of our patterns to get started making shop samples, or to review, we would be happy to provide free e-copies - simply email us at tincanknits@gmail.com. We can also make suggestions regarding which of our patterns would work best with the yarn lines you carry.

All of our PDF single patterns are available for you to sell directly via the Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales system.

Shops located in the UK may order directly from Deep South Fibers, or alternately may order our books and patterns directly (we ship from Edinburgh, UK). Contact us at tincanknits@gmail.com for a UK price list.

5. Can I use your patterns for classes?
YES! We encourage use of our patterns for teaching. We ask that each student purchase their own copy of the pattern, or download our free patterns directly from our website (that way they get the most current version). You are welcome to use images from our website, blog, or ravelry pattern pages to promote your classes. We also have excellent project tutorials which make excellent follow-up resources for your students.