The Simple Collection
our completely free step-by-step learn to knit program includes 8 fabulous new patterns
they are simple and sized for the whole family - from baby to grandpa

Handmade in the UK

The Simple Collection ::: learn to knit with Alexa and Emily

This year at Tin Can Knits we explore the basic ingredients of knitting.  The Simple Collection has quick accessories and simple sweaters, sized from newborn to grandpa, in worsted weight yarn and best of all – the patterns are all free for you to use and share with your friends!

With 8 new free patterns (including 2 sweaters!) and clear tutorials, the collection is perfect for newer knitters building skills and confidence, and also a treat for knitters who enjoy modern lines and simple details. Whether you are knitting your first scarf, cozy socks for your dad, or a sweater for your little man, the Simple Collection will teach you all you need to know to make modern seamless knits for the whole family! The patterns and tutorials will be released over the next 6 months - get our email updates and we will let you know when they are available!

The Simple Collection is for Sharing :::

Wheat Scarf by Tin Can KnitsMalt Blanket by Tin Can Knits

Wheat and Malt ::: simple, textural, reversible scarf, and modern geometric baby blanket to practice your knits and purls.

Tutorials ::: How to Cast On (video), How to Knit (video), How to Purl (video), How to Bind Off (Video), How to Knit Your First Scarf, How to Weave in Ends, Basic Blocking, and all about Knitting Supplies: Knitting Needles and Yarn.

PDF handouts ::: The Knit Basics handout includes instructions for cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. Feel free to use the handout (and the free patterns) in knitting classes or informal teaching!

Knitting Basics PDF
Barley Hat by Tin Can KnitsOats Cowl by Tin Can Knits

Oats and Barley ::: cute hat and classic cowl so you can practice knitting in the round on circular and double pointed needles

Tutorials ::: How to Knit a Hat (or a cowl), how to cast on for working in the round on circular needles, how to knit on dpns, k2tog, p2tog

PDF handouts ::: The knitting in the round handout includes instructions for knitting in the round using circs, DPNs, and the magic loop method. - COMING SOON -

Knitting Basics PDF
Barley Hat by Tin Can KnitsOats Cowl by Tin Can Knits

Rye and Maize ::: basic socks and simple textured mitts to keep you warm this fall

Tutorials ::: Let's Knit Mittens, including the m1 increase, Let's Knit Socks, including knitting on DPNs, and the magic loop technique, ssk and k2tog, and how to slip a stitch,

PDF handouts ::: A detailed 'how to knit socks' handout is being developed and will be launched in future. - COMING SOON -

Knitting Basics PDF
Flax by Tin Can KnitsFlax by Tin Can Knits

Flax ::: a simple and classic first sweater for your little man, your old man, or you!

Tutorials ::: Let's Knit a Sweater, details on how to choose your size, gauge, and the kfb increase.

Flax by Tin Can Knits
Harvest by Tin Can KnitsHarvest by Tin Can Knits

Harvest ::: a simple and classic first cardigan with interesting construction and modern details.

Tutorials :::

Let's Knit a Cardigan, the Crochet Chain Provisional Cast-on, Picking up Stitches, the Backward Loop Cast-on, and Placing Stitches On Hold

Harvest by Tin Can Knits