Neckwear : cowls, scarves, shawls, stoles
There are so many ways to add a bit of colour and elegance to your outfit, and snuggle up to keep warm in the winter, or in your air-conditioned office! We love to wrap snuggly wooly accessories around us!

Each pattern is available for individual purchase, or you can save some $$ by buying our ebooks.

Rave by Tin Can KnitsAnthologyCompass CowlGrain Shawl Grain Shawl Burnished Shawl Awash Scarf Undertone Cowl Slice Shawl Burnished Shawl Undertone Cowl Awash Scarf Lodestar viewfinder cowl ammolite Redcedar Stole Estuary Shawl thistle stolebotany shawltall dark and handsome cowldrift shawlphotosynthesis shawlgothic lace cowlstag scarfrosebudammolitefalse creek cowlpinecone cowllions gate cowlbranching out shawlgather hat and cowlsunflower shawltall dark and handsome cowl2x2 button scarfsimple yet effective cowl