The lights are twinkling.

You're in your happy place.

Whether you're enjoying the quiet of a day spent lounging, or encircled by the hectic whirlwind of a family gathering, here is a little something delicious for you, cooked up by Alexa and Emily!

Barley Light by Tin Can Knits

Barley Light is a light-weight version our popular Barley Hat.

It's the latest addition to The Simple Collection - 11 free patterns and learn-to-knit tutorials. Barley Light is a free pattern, so download your copy now!

  • it's simple enough to take visiting
  • get that skein of luxurious yarn onto your needles, and enjoy every stitch!

We used The Uncommon Thread yarns for this little lovely! If you'd like to get some for yourself, there will be a shop update on Boxing Day, December 26th at 4pm GMT.

Barley Light

Heart On My Sleeve
$91,667 Donated to the Against Malaria Foundation

March 1 2018 UPDATE: Our fund-raiser is now complete! Over the course of the year, we donated $91,667 USD - this buys 45,132 long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets, which will protect over 80,000 people, or the population of 160 villages! Check out the fund-raising and net deployment details here.






Love the knits? If you didn't get a copy of the ebook, the patterns will be available individually on

As designers, we are constantly inspired and impressed by the knitting community. Our work goes out into the world and passes through so many hands, and in this we saw an opportunity to contribute. Thanks again to knitters who joined in, and the designers and yarn companies who donated so much to make this project possible.

Barley Light

Barley Light

Barley Light

Barley Light

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